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The Unfollow App

The Unfollow App shows your relationships on twitter in a novel way. We divide your followers and the people you follow into three categories based on the reciprocity of the relationships: Slackers (people not following you back), Buddies (people following you back), and Fans (people you're not following back). This allows you manage your followers and prune who you're following, all of which you can do easily within the app.

Premium features include email notifications when someone unfollows you, unfollower history, and statistics showing your relationship and unfollow counts over time.

Our Mission

Analytics is ultimately about people - how people interact with you, your brand and each other. It's about uncovering the series of events that result in people discovering your brand and having a positive interaction with it. In our increasingly connected world, the stories that are made up of these events are often more complex and consequential than ever before. At Interstellr, our mission is to build the tools that allow you to get analytical insights simply and easily, and to empower you to act on them.


Experiments in user experience, big data, and other fun stuff


Crowdsource app and website ideas using twitter. This site uses the twitter search API to find tweets containing potentially great ideas for new websites and apps, so that you can be inspired to build something people want. Sometimes the ideas are amusing or ridiculous, but occasionally something brilliant emerges from the tweetsphere. Users can vote up or down a tweet to filter out the better ideas.

Drag To Shirt

DragToShirt is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily turn a web page into a t-shirt shop. It uses the Spreadshirt api, and allows your visitors to drag images from your site onto t-shirts to generate a product that they can then buy. This is very convenient if you have, for example, an online gallery and you want to make money by making commissions from t-shirt sales. It's designed to be easy to use, customizable, and not require any changes to your current web page design. Try out the demonstration on the homepage to see it in action!

Face It Shirt

Design and buy a t-shirt using photos from your facebook albums. Users can put one of their favorite facebook photos on to a t-shirt. The color, size, and fit of the t-shirt can all be customized. If you want to add a caption to the t-shirt, you can do that too. When the user is happy with the design, it is automatically uploaded to and they are redirected to the checkout page.

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The Unfollow App

I recently released The Unfollow App for Android. This app has a long history with me. I started it over a year ago, and then abandoned it. I hate to leave things unfinished, and I wanted a project where I could learn about things like...

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16 free flat icon sets (with psd)

From Apple to Microsoft, everyone’s gone flat. Vibrant solid colors, and simple elements with minimal style effects are in. Skeuomorphism is out. I, for one, welcome this change, and especially love the colorful flat icons that are part of...

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Design resources for the non-designer

Even if you don’t have the chops to be a professional designer, don’t dismiss the possibility of creating a beautiful site. There are many resources on the internet to help you with your design. If you have a good eye and you know where to...

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